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Important element of LIGHT Trade Show are seminars and conferences forwarded to architects, designers, investors, developers, local governments, engineers, electricians, road managers, property managers, inspectors, representatives of power energy companies and installers.


The special guest of the special Conference ARCHITECTURE * LIGHT * SPACE, a conference for architects at LIGHT 2017 was Susanna Antico.


Susanna Antico is an Italian architect and lighting designer, President of APIL (Italian Association of Lighting Professionals), a member of the IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and CLSF (Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation), professor SCHOOL OF ARTS in Ghent (Belgium).
Susanna Antico study completed in New York, where she worked in the years 1985 - 1989. After his return to Italy in 1990 opened its own architectural studio, specializing in the design of public lighting.

Susanna Antico Lighting Design Studio (http://www.anticos.eu) has developed more than 50 projects of urban lighting, which have won many awards around the world. Her studio creates urban space using light in their solutions, taking into account the requirements of sustainable development. Susanna Antico's projects won awards for comprehensive lighting projects in many European cities.


The participants have the opportunity to confront received information with the LIGHT’s manufacturers’ offer at trade fair stands.

The biggest event of the Trade Show  forwarded to our visitors  will be  the meeting organized together with The Chamber of Polish Architects for over 400 architects from all over Poland.

Traditionally organized together with the Union of Polish Architects.

It  was  the 15th meeting of lighting designers with the architects and for the first time it will be a two day event focused on interior, as well as the exterior lighting and illumination.